6.5% Ebiz Brokerage program

List your business with one of our Ebiz Exel brokers and you will find out why Ebiz Brokerage is the not only saves you money but truly goes to work for you in finding the perfect buyer for your business.

When you list your business with Ebiz Brokerage you will receive all of the benefits of a “local” business broker at a much better price. Ebiz provides the following benefits to our business owners wishing to sell:

  • National and local advertising on four (4) national listing portals including our own site: ebizbrokerage.com.
  • Confidential marketing and advertising ads that will keep your upcoming sale totally private and.
  • Each prospective purchaser must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to receiving a brochure or further information on your listing offer.
  • Assistance with the valuation of your business with data from recent sales of similar businesses in your area.
  • Our Exel brokers will handle all incoming calls and qualify prospects before further communication with you, the seller. Your job remains the management of your business and our experienced brokers only contact you for a qualified buyer tour.
  • Assistance in the “due diligence” process that buyers generally require.
  • Professional closers that handle all of the paperwork involved with closing your transaction including UCC filing and promissory notes if needed.
  • We are able to refer a potential buyer to any number of financial sources that specialize in acquisition loans and SBA financing programs.

All of the above services are done on your behalf for a one-time fee of 6.5% of the total sale price. The fee is always taken from the closing proceeds and our brokers will not ask for any “upfront” payments of any type. As most people are aware, the typical listing commissions paid to business brokers is 10% of the sale price. Save thousands and realize all the benefits!

Contact us at 855-746-7207

Email: info@ebizbrokerage.com