When current owner purchased business, there was only one boat and the rent keep going up. Now located on the Intra-coastal waterway in the new developing area of north Hollywood with large new hotels are going up as well as luxury condominiums. Current fleet is a a 55”, 46”m 46’ and 37’ sport fishing boats. Plus, boat rentals. Just in time for the season. Key people on staff for years. If buyer wants to rent, the monthly lease payment will be $15,000. Pre-Qualified for SBA Guaranteed Loan, with 15% cash injection. Sales and SDE shown are annualizing Jan-Apr. Increase in part is coming from, one vessel being replaced with one with much high load capacity and all the 5-Star rating and online videos of happy customers. Business is BOOMING. Additional types of trips; kid friendly, kids birthday parties, caproate events, Bahamas, tarpon fishing, bachelor parties, mahi mahi fishing, shark fishing, sailfish fishing, sword fishing